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About The Company


Global Pakistan Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 certified hastily growing technology transfer companyworking since 1994. Global  As premier Engineering
Company, we rank second to none in devising solutions in Mechanical, Electrical & Automation fields
Especially associated with High pressure Industrial applications, oil &Gas Fields, Gas Transportation, CNG & LPG refueling & industrial equipment.
We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer
Service through our four categorized companies as Global Group. Our customized solutions enable clients to benefit from solutions especially associated with
tailored to their individual needs and requirements


Global Innovations

•    CNG Mother Daughter Station
•    Industrial power solutions to overcome energy crises
•    Ultra High pressure testing& Calibration facility up 85000 psi
•    Ultra low temperature Testing & Calibration Facility
•    Flare gas handling and  purification
•    Low Cost Automation Solutions for small, medium & high level applications
•    Equipment for Quantitative Analysis of Natural Gas stations
•    State of the Art Gas Detection system for Fuel station, Power House & industrial  applications
•    Process control systems
•    Fire detection & alarm systems
•    Industrial Gauging & Systems
•    Material Analysis facility
•    Solar based UV Water filtration systems
•    Renewable energy systems
•    Agriculture Advanced Technology Equipment


Global Benefits

•    The company possesses "Technological Heritage" of more than 20 years.
•    The company ensures availability of integrated Solutions in different applications of High pressure systems and pipe works, Compressors and other gas fields.
•    The company offers complete solution form selection of components to their installation/Integration & commissioning.
Major Fields


Major Fields

Global Pakistan provides consultancy solutions for Design, Installation, Commissioning &
Testing /troubleshooting of following systems:
•    CNG/LPG Systems
•    Oil & Gas Fields
•    Natural Gas compression system
•    Decompression system
•    Material Analysis & Protection
•    Hydraulic/Pneumatic systems
•    Energy Sectors
•    Wind energy
•    Solar energy