Technology Transfer Company

Maintenance & Back-up Services

GLOBAL Pakistan is recognized as leader in the design, application and installations. More importantly, its leadership is also known for providing excellent post installation technical services and onsite back-up that are a corner stone of our global reputation. As a back-up services company, we are committed to providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Global Pakistan's back-up program consists of comprehensive set of services, periodic checks and technical recommendations.
All of these services include written reports with analysis and expert recommendations. With vast experience in Gas Compression Stations at high pressure System, Global Pakistan can tailor any solution according to their costumer needs in the energy &allied sectors. The Company has developed and implemented cost effective Maintenance Solutions for an assortment of application, where Compressors and pressure Systems are at Work. The Solutions include mechanical as well as control system components.
Back-up Strength

•    Dedicated workshop fully equipped with latest tools and most advanced testing/inspection techniques with R&D facilities
•    Global Field Engineers that are system smart and multi-tasked trained.
•    Balanced Inventory with locally stored and readily available maintenance parts for wide range of applications.
•    Latest Field inspection and Monitoring Tools.
•    Dedicated Maintenance labs for Repairing &Testing of components and systems.
Consultancy Services

The company's flexible approach and professionalism offers a wide range of consultancy service.

A talented workforce with commitment to quality, service Innovation and integrity, dedicates itself to preventing and solving different project problem and offers field solutions with expertise and experience similar to that of a professional consulting firm.

The company has a proven track record of providing comprehensive Engineering Solutions for customers in different sectors like Oil & Gas, CNG/LPG, chemical plants, humidifiers and renewable energy resources like wind and solar.